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Ways to Connect Within

There are many ways we can begin to connect within that help reduce energy density to help us transform what we are currently obsessing over, worrying about or living. It makes things a lot easier if you have a clear intention of what you want to achieve to start with.

Ways to Connect Within - Ultimate Healing
Ways to Connect Within - Ultimate Healing

Problems can’t be solved with the same thinking that caused them. You need to somehow find a way to get out of your head (which is just a tool to be used to help us in our lives – not to run our lives) and get into your heart. You need to become curious about yourself and your behaviour rather than push yourself away. Learn to connect your heart, mind, body, and soul so that you can become one within, no longer a scattered version of you.

Can you accept where you are currently and who you are at this point in time? Accept, not settle! Can you let go of some of the thoughts that may plague you from your past? Do you have any idea where you would like to be, how you would like to feel? Focus on this. You need to commit to yourself and get a bit clear so that you can focus on changing what is uncomfortable or weighing you down.

It is time to stop resisting yourself. Time to let go of the old thoughts, patterns, beliefs, and ways of being. To transform the fear of others seeing the real us into feeling proud of who we are and hoping they do see us and we see ourselves.

The cause of so much of our pain and suffering is a result of our wandering mind focusing on things that aren’t present. We need to become aware of our mind and become present – that is the gift! If you are feeling your body, paying attention to your body, and feeling your energy within, then your mind is present. A great tool is to ground yourself.

Let your feet feel heavy, and imagine roots growing out of your feet, sinking into the Earth, deepening like those of an old fig tree, enabling you to become grounded and unshakeable. When you are grounded like this, take slow deep breaths into your abdomen, and when you exhale, send your intention and awareness into the Earth. When you inhale, you bring in inspiration and creativity. You become aware of yourself; you can observe your mind, language, and behaviour, and from there you can take a different path than the one you were previously on. This is a great way to release dense energy, empower yourself and begin your path to transformation.

Sending you lots of love and happy grounding. Tracey xxx

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