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Tracey Terry

ENERGY ALCHEMIST, intuitively weaving together healing qualifications in Kinesiology, Forensic Healing, Energy Reset, Reiki, Advanced

Golden Wings Energy Work, Theta Healing and more.


I'm so glad you found me!

I am a body, soul and spirit living a human experience. I am amongst many things a wife and mother of 3, a grandmother, an author, a kinesiologist, an energy alchemist, therapist and healer, a student of life, an accountant and business woman. My lessons in life have led me to find and accept  my true self (the good, bad and ugly) so that I can now live in love, joy and abundance and share what I have learnt with you too. 


I am passionate about energy, self-development, being the best we can be, and connecting within to who we really are and why we are here. I have been through severe depression, chronic fatigue, OCD, addictions, physical and mental self sabotage, lost everything to a conman, plus a bit more. I have lived in the bush and the city and now live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia. 

My Qualifications. 

Diploma in Progressive Kinesiology

Energy Reset Practitioner 

Diploma in Forensic Healing

Theta Healing I & II Practitioner

Reiki Master

Cert. of Client Transformation

Golden Wings Advanced Healing

Bachelor of Commerce

CTAA Member (Complimentary Therapists Accredited Ass.)


Tracey Terry Ultimate Healing

Along my way I utilised various therapists who guided and assisted me to feel better and my whole world started improving, as did my families. I consumed books and courses. I was so amazed at what was possible - at how so many everyday ailments and also long standing ones can be changed using tools within ourselves. I realised how many men and women experience similar thoughts and feelings to what I had gone through and that my best chance of helping as many people as possible is to become a therapist myself .  


Whilst I don’t know you or why you were drawn here, I sense I have walked in your shoes or next to you. I have studied many modalities to become a natural therapist, as each one has little nuggets of gold and this has enabled me to help people like you. My heartfelt passion is to be able to guide and assist you.


I understand pain, anguish and despair and want you to realise you too can learn to truly love yourself – once you do that, you will feel empowered and it will transform your life. I am about love and light while being real at the same time, and I am about you being the best you can be. 


I want you to succeed, to be happy and live your best life so you can truly flourish. I want you to learn and experience for yourself what is possible. I am now who I have chosen to become. This is what I want for you!

With Love,

Tracey  xx

Ultimate Healing

Believe in yourself... 

The answers lie within, 

and it all starts with YOU!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Tracey is an extremely humble but powerful woman.I have had multiple healings with Tracey that have honestly accelerated the healing of my inner world and outer world. The shifts I have had personally have been instant and ongoing and I’m so grateful Tracey and I crossed paths she has given me the amazing gift of emotional freedom.

- Katie Ann

Tracey is AMAZING! This beautiful lady can not come recommended highly enough. Her insight is truly incredible, her gentleness and kindness makes you so comfortable and relaxed during her sessions. The treatment room and the outlook from the treatment room is just so lovely and tranquil. Tracey truly has the wonderful gift of healing.

- Mrs SE

I feel lighter, have had a shift in energy/vital force. I now have clarity – a sense of peace, knowing what my life purpose is and how I can make it happen. I liked how you explained what was emerging and how it would be cleared and giving me the opportunity to be involved in the process. You were empathetic and made me feel at ease each step of the way.

- Mrs KG

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