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Healing Session I Ultimate Healing

Healing Session

What is a Healing Session?

I am so grateful that you are considering transforming an aspect of your life through an ultimate healing session. I love to see the changes take place in my clients as they realise who they really are and step into all they can be.


Together with your intentions, my intuition and connection to your higher self; I weave many of the different modalities I have learnt into a session, be it in person or by distance. Modalities such as Kinesiology, Forensic Healing, Reiki, Energy Reset, Theta Healing and Golden Wings Advanced Healing. Alternatively you can request one of these modalities on their own. I also have many tools and remedies that are incorporated into each session as I ask for guidance (link to lists above).


Would you like to learn to love, value, appreciate and believe in yourself so that you can love yourself and everyone around you unconditionally and they can reciprocate?


Ultimate healing is very deep soul and energy work, true healing will never re-associate a person into their trauma, it is the mind that goes into trauma, not your soul. True healing is recognising and accepting what has happened in your life and using that to empower and transform you so that you can bring in the love you are and move to a higher level. 


During these healings you will experience the most profound energetic shifts. I work in harmony with love and light and all that is.

How does distance healing work?

There is a web of life on earth in which everything is alive and conscious and interconnected. We are all connected by energy and we all have the ability to tap into the overarching consciousness and connect with each other. We are able to heal each other by tapping into and calling upon the divine.


There are signs all around us – in nature and in our own experiences that are meant to be read and interpreted, it is just learning to recognise those signs and learning how to use these to create our own lives. When I utilise distance healing, I am using intention to tap into the greater consciousness,  your higher self and ask what it is you require to heal and intending that consciousness, love, all that is will heal you, show and provide you with what it is you need to heal.


Distance healing can be seen as a form of healing energy that crosses time and space to have a healing effect on you, the person receiving the healing. As such you don’t have to be physically present. As strange as it seems this type of healing is just as effective as an in person healing.


Our own thoughts are not interfering, we are not distracted by the physical body. My higher self is working with your physical, emotional, chemical, spiritual, soul and mental aspects by accessing your energy body. The energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time and does not require you to be physically present with me, I do feel however that it does however require your permission.


I am able to instantly access information about you and also instantly 'transmit'  healing energy to you. Everything past, present and future are all happening at once. All points of information are readily available and I only need to ask to see certain reference points to gain knowledge or to change events and outcomes. 

I love doing distance healings because I find I get extremely accurate readings – I am less likely to be distracted by the physical body or our minds and get just as positive results as I do when someone comes to see me in person. 


It’s about the power of our  intentions, my beliefs, and your receptivity.

The Process I Ultimate Healing

What is the process?

1. Book a Session HERE

4. Ensure you have TIME TO REST after your session time

2. Fill out the QUESTIONNAIRE

on the bookings page

5. Receive a


email from me

3. I will contact you to BOOK A TIME

6. Enjoy being the BRILLIANCE OF YOU!



Together with your intentions, my intuition and connection to your higher self, I weave many of the different modalities I have learnt into a session, be it in person or by distance. Alternatively you can request one of these modalities on their own. I also have many tools and remedies that are incorporated into each session as I tune into the guidance for you. 

I use the principles of kinesiology/biofeedback to ask your energetic body (with intention and my intuition) where the priority treatment is that will enable your body to heal and transform with ease and grace. This enables me to access all the modalities, knowledge, tools and remedies I have learnt and have access to in the greater consciousness.

Client Transformation happens through my ability to tap into consciousness to bring about transformation via questioning reality, what goes on in our minds and the limiting beliefs we sometimes hold.


I ask your body where it is under stress. Using intuition I can assess & utilise your body's own energy to identify & correct any imbalances. I ask your energetic body (with intention) where the priority treatment is in relation to your intention eg is it energetic, emotional, chemical or structural and am guided to what is required to bring about healing.


I use biofeedback to profile, collect and analyse evidence about a condition, reconstruct the story, identify the cause, recycle evidence and bring in a range of new healing pathways, be the issue energetic, physical, emotional, spiritual, soul related or in regards to awakening


This is a powerful modality using vibrational medicine to achieve fast, long-lasting results. Combining sound, colour, crystals and intention with specific acupressure and reset techniques, this therapy will raise your frequency to allow instant manifestation and healing to take place.


Reiki is a beautiful Japanese energy technique of bringing my client spiritually guided life force via my intention to promote healing.


A meditation technique and spiritual philosophy that uses focused thought and prayer by tapping into the Theta Brain Wave and connecting with the creator of all that is to bring physical, emotional and spiritual healing by reprogramming our minds and limiting beliefs.


This incredible modality encompasses all aspects of energy healing and the dynamics of the energetic world. Simple yet effective techniques that can clear emotional and mental blockages that prevent a person from fully experiencing the joy of life. 

Client Love

Tracey is a beautiful, amazing and gifted healer. She gave me great insight into a challenging health problem I was experiencing which allowed me to move through it rather than stay "stuck" in fear. One day I mentioned I had a headache and she lay her hands on me and used her beautiful healing skills and energy (Reiki) and my headache went away immediately. She is a powerful healer and a beautiful person as well. Thank you Tracey for all your help in getting my body and mind back on track!!! Andrea Beaufort

- Andrea Beaufort

I’ve really felt a shift in my vibration and this had clear effects in attracting positive situations into my life. The exercise you gave me to complete was so powerful in tandem with the session. So much came out, it really had an impact in releasing the blocks to my affirmations. People have appeared in my life who I think will help me progress. Even last week with my ex husband, I felt peaceful and ok with him around. I’m feeling less restricted and feel I am moving forward now with more ease and flow.

- Ms KB

Tracey is an incredible healer and personally has a heart of absolute gold, a true earth angel. She is absolutely committed to helping you be in true balance within yourself physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually, to discover the brilliance of you. It's her radiant love, mix of modalities and the way she intuitively weaves them together that makes her so powerful. I've received multiple distance healings as my energy and immune system were recovering from a tough couple of years with a new bub that didn't sleep a lot. Tracey has been able to help me uncover a deeper understanding of self, re-set my energy and bring me into alignment with life in general during this new chapter. I am finally feeling like myself again and it's sooo good! Thank you Tracey for sharing your amazing gifts with the world! I highly recommend .

Justine Davis

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