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Ultimate Healing Support Remedies

Support Remedies

The Alchemy Support Remedies, a tailor made range to assist your healing.

What is a Support Remedy?

When you come to see me, your body may sometimes indicate that a remedy is required to help you adjust to changes and ensure ongoing advancement.


This can come in a variety of different ways. The tailor made remedy is usually in the form of drops however sometimes it may be a mist, a spray, cream, roll on or smelling salts. 

Contained within is generally a secret blend of flower essences, past life essences, crystalline energy, essential oils, tissue salts or homoeopathic and supportive intention.


It is important to let me know if you have any allergies. These blends are generally working on your energetic body, your aura and will greatly assist your physical body in your empowerment and transformation. 

Prices for an individual remedy range from $19.95 - $35 for a blend in your chosen form.


Ultimate Healing Support Remedies

The  Benefits

Supportive remedies are beneficial to your aura and energetic body and will help to anchor in any healing that has occurred and that will continue to evolve as your empowerment and transformation takes place.

Let go of past hurt

or trauma.

Enhance empowerment & transformation

Bring your physical body back to a state of balance & harmony

Release Energy Blocks

Balance your

energetic body

An energetic reminder of the new you

Anchor in changes & healing on an energetic level

Works on healing different levels of your chakras & aura

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Would you like to learn more about how a unique remedy could support you in your healing?

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