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Tracey Terry Book - The Alchemy of Depression

It's time to take
back your power!

"Make a conscious decision to heal yourself. Set the intention, know you are worth it and never give up."

I was inspired to write this book because it was important for me to bring my message to the world. My soul was yearning for me to share my learnings and perspective on depression and being able to transform. I want others to feel hope, inspiration, ideas, solutions, responsible for themselves, connected, empowered and powerful, to find and shine their own brilliance, to believe in themselves again, to feel free … 


I know many people going through depression who are looking for a way out. They are not alone. People who  are tired of the medical treadmill, tired of feeling numb, lifeless and are wanting to find answers, wanting to connect within and to all that is and find themselves and their purpose in life. I want them to know transformation is possible, they have choices, they are not stuck, not a label and can become responsible for creating a new inspiring life they love.

MY SOUL MISSION (via this book)

to give others permission to heal, to awaken those who are suffering from depression so that they know there is a way out, they can change their lives, that transforming depression is possible! I want to change the way people look at depression. I spent my entire life never feeling good enough. Even though I came from a wonderful family, unexpected things still occurred in my life, and my internal world was never at peace. My soul desire and wish is to share and impart the wisdom I have gained through my life experiences with you so you can find your own soul desires and be the best version of yourself. Discover Your Own Brilliance. Get more out of your life, your relationships, your finances, yourself.

Tracey Terry Book - The Alchemy of Depression


Anyone who wants to reclaim and transform their life, for those who are open to being inspired to realise that they CAN change their lives, one tiny step at a time. I have experienced severe depression that doctors and a psychiatrist told was incurable and that I would have to remain on antidepressants my whole life. I have now been off the meds for well over 20 years using natural methods. If I can escape the depression matrix it is my belief you can too if you choose to! 

Quote - Ultimate Healing

“Becoming conscious of negative self-talk &

self-blame is freedom – that is the gold, as

once you see it, you can let it go and

transform it into words of love."

What's inside?

THE PROBLEM today is everyone thinks that when it comes to depression medication is their only solution. 


THE CONSEQUENCE of that Is people are being medicated when they don’t need to be and this often leads to other problems with them never looking at or solving the real cause.

AS A RESULT people are suffering unnecessarily.


THE REALITY is YOU can turn YOUR life around by taking responsibility for YOURSELF.

This book is filled with so much of my knowledge and wisdom on how you can transform depression from feeling it is something to be hidden and ashamed of to acknowledging what is going on at a higher level and what your soul is really trying to tell you.


I have shared a lot of what I have learnt and experienced in my life to  provide you with tips, tools and tricks that can be used to unlock the deep pressure you may have been putting on yourself.


I have included simple, practical ideas and suggestions for you to uncover what is truly going on and start or continue your healing journey from a place of love and acceptance.


Being a naturopath of many decades, I have seen mental health explode and be at the forefront of our needs today. Tracey has written a deeply heart centred book, that gives hope and a practical path that has been lived, and can help the reader transform depression and take back control of their life.

- Jennifer Jefferies

I am sure this book will be an inspiring source to many as Tracey highlights a multitude of ways and techniques that have helped her journey through this crippling illness. I love her concept that you can make a conscious decision to heal, set the intention and know you are worth it, and never give up. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

- Elizabeth Hughes

BA (Hons) Ed.Psych. ATMS
Best-selling author, teacher, and founder of Your Body Has The Answer Ltd
Reading this raw and honest book is like walking along a set of parallel paths.  Tracey openly shares her experiences, battles and feelings along one path, whilst holding your hand and supporting you on the other, sharing so many practical, natural methods that promote healing and wellness. I am confident that Tracey’s story will inspire you to choose healing over hurting.

- Bronwyn Ziviani

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Take Back Your Power

Believe In Yourself

Transform your depression and turn your life around

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