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The Power of Self Love

I have recently been lucky enough to become a grandmother which is incredible. The power of love that you feel for a newborn is immense. If only that love, that so many give to infants, was able to be retained, carried through and felt as adults. If only you allowed that love you received as a baby to continue to raise your vibration so you always knew and realised how precious you are and you learnt to truly love all that you are.

The Power of Self Love - Ultimate Healing
The Power of Self Love - Ultimate Healing

Yet for various reasons and due to events we lose sight of the love that we are. We go through life thinking we are not that love or we don’t deserve it or are not powerful enough. We worry about what others think rather than putting our own soul desires first so that we learn to love others more than or before ourselves. In trying to love and please others we put on masks so that our true selves are hidden.

My aim in life is for people to come to see who they truly are. To learn to love themselves as they would any newborn. This can make such a huge difference in our lives. There are so many ways we can take care of ourselves and find this self love we have lost through our life experiences.

If we are not loving ourselves then we need to look at what we have been thinking, feeling, saying and how we are acting in our lives. Have you been living in FOG (fear, obligation, guilt), shame, blame, fatigue, lack of self respect? All these things and more take us away from self love and we need to change our habits to get back to love and reclaim our power and be who we really are. If you become more self aware and self responsible you can take better care of yourself, become more disciplined with yourself, which results in more self respect and self acceptance and leads to self love and ultimate power over our lives. We can then go with the current of life rather than resisting and fighting.

If we change our behaviours towards ourselves, our thoughts, words, feelings and actions we can then change our outcomes and change our destiny - where we once again are the master of our lives. If you can accept and embrace your present life - no matter how crappy it might be you can then make a choice to change it. If you are finding life hard and not sure of your passion you can try asking yourself what it is you need to do, perhaps it may even be to go to a place of service and help others or to connect to something you feel real love for and then imagine giving that love to yourself, to your inner child. Then have a go at talking to your inner being and finding out what you truly want. If you are stuck with that download my free journal “The Whispers of Your Heart”.

Wishing you so much love. Tracey xx


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